Signature Body Treatment

  • Tropical Chocolate Scrub

    90 Minutes
    One can feel charming after this season. Ground almonds mixed with freshly harvestedcacaobeansaregently rubbedinto the skin to exfoliate, polish and moisturize. The full-body Balinese massage is followed by the Choco- almond scrub.

  • Tropical Coconut Scrub

    90 Minutes
    It have long been known that Balinese women used the coconut for centuries for treatment and heal the skin. Our therapists use a traditional recipe of grated coconut, coconut milk and secret powder to moisturize and gently exfoliate the skin. Enjoy the full- body Balinese massage and sensory coconut scrub

  • Tropical Japanese Body Scrub

    90 Minutes
    This is a luxurious blend of finely ground native herbs and spices composed of Pandan leaves, turmeric, curcuma, heyneana and rise powder to cleanse, soften and rejuvenate the skin. Indulge with this traditional Javanese beauty- treatment that has been used by Royal Families for centuries starts with a full – body massage and scrub