Spa in Ubud
Self Reward with a Spa day in Ubud, Get these special Vouchers!

Ubud comes with its never-ending collection of charming little cafes, fantastic restaurants, and lush green forests and also Ubud is well-known as a world wellness destination.  And with chirping birds all around, flowering tropical foliage at every turn, and the soft scent of fresh air, there are no better places than this calm town to slow down and soak up all of that self-care with a spa day in Ubud. 

Ini Vie Hospitality one of the most experienced property management in Bali, will help you meander your way through the best scene of Ubud to the best wellness services. Svaha Spa Kenderan in Ubud is one of Ini Vie Hospitality Spa brands that are perfect for pampering yourself. Svaha Spa Kenderan provides outstanding relaxation in the peacefulness of Ubud's enchanting natural beauty, nestled on a spectacular cliff overlooking the forest and river, which only enhances the complete experience.

Svaha Spa Kenderan has a variety of Body & Soul massages to indulge yourself in Bali's cultural hub, Ubud,  Deep Tissue Massage for example where combines slow strokes and thumb pressure and will use oil to release the tension and tightness held deeply in your muscles and your connective tissues.  Besides that, Svaha Spa Kenderan has a number of other treatments for pampering your inner self.

From hot oil massages in boho-luxury interiors and breathtaking and serene views, check out this Svaha Spa Kenderan gift voucher as a self-reward for your pampering yourself. Hot stones, aromatherapy massage, and traditional Balinese massage is the three gift voucher you can get right now. 

Hot Stone is a 90-minute well-spent session, a warm chosen stones are used in this unusual full-body massage to relax the body, remove toxins, and reduce tension. Increase your body's blood circulation by using this procedure. Aromatherapy massage, on the other hand, is a full-body massage that uses oil and light to medium-pressure massage. By improving blood circulation, this massage will restore good energy and make you feel more alive. This therapy thoroughly relaxes both the mind and the body while also boosting the soul. While this special Traditional Balinese Massage is a signature Balinese massage at Svaha Spa Bisma that combines body massage with palm and thumb pressure to alleviate tension and long soft strokes while utilizing a special combination of natural essential oils. This combination improves blood circulation and boosts energy flow.

To learn more about this gift voucher at Svaha Spa Kenderan, click this link For more information about Svaha Spa Bisma you can go to the website or visit the link in your Instagram bio @svahaspakenderan