Best Deep Tissue Massage in Ubud at Svaha Spa Bisma
Best Deep Tissue Massage in Ubud at Svaha Spa Bisma

If you are looking for a spa today, try the treatment of deep tissue massage. Deep tissue massage is a massage technique that is primarily used to treat musculoskeletal disorders such as strains and sports injuries. It entails exerting prolonged pressure with slow, deep strokes to the deepest layers of your muscles and connective tissues. So, here is a recommendation for the best deep tissue massage in Ubud at Svaha spa Bisma.

Siti Muslihah, one of the Svaha Spa Bisma costumer said something about trying the deep tissue massage in this Spa. As she come with his husband for a couple of spa sessions, she told that she has an excellent treatment.

"The ambiance was also amazing. Services from the start before spa and post-spa were also exceptional. Highly recommended to everyone who is in Ubud Bali. Thank you Svaha Spa Bisma!!" said Siti Muslihah.

Preeti, another customer of Svaha Bisma said almost the same thing, "This spa experience has been the best 2 hours I have ever spent in a massage room in my 4 plus decades alive. Svaha spa near Ubud monkey forest within Kaamala resort is a tad hard to find but well worth every cent. The cocoa scrub, the Balinese massage, the body mask, the bubble bath, and the view outside - fantabulous!!" told Preeti, another Svaha Bisma customer.

Deep Tissue Massage massage itself is an exclusive massage that features all of our signature techniques to best target individual needs: Relaxing light strokes and deep tissue pressures focused especially on the back-area release stress and muscular tension while revitalizing strokes and combat tiredness, enhance toxin elimination and boost energy. Deep Tissue Massage at Svaha Spa Bisma will last for about 90 minutes.

Svaha Spa Bisma tenders total relaxation within the tranquillity of Ubud's mesmerizing natural beauty, situated on a stunning cliff overlooking the jungle and river which only generates a holistic experience.

If you want total relaxation with deep tissue massage in Svaha Spa Bisma, come to our place at Jalan Bisma No 888 X, Ubud - Bali or text this number on Whatsapp: +62 812-3544-7189